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Masternode Invest is a company, operating in Fin-tech environment, allowing people to invest on concurrency masternode.

POS (proof-of-stake) growing influence in crypto and blockchain and is the future of mining. In POS, the miners will get reward based on their share of holding particular currencies.

At this point of time there are many crypto currencies where staking will reward good ROI (return on investment) but in order to stake each one of them you need to buy particular coin and stake accordingly.

If you are staking single crypto there is always high risk depends on market fluctuation and if you want to diversify than you need to invest in many currencies.


So what is masternode invest?

Masternode invest has come up with solution to provide investors regular monthly returns on their investments without the hassle of setting up multiple wallets

In simple explanation, masternode invest is an ICO which has been design to safeguard the investors and provide them opportunity to stake many crypto currencies simultaneously without the need of technical knowledge, setting up local wallets of crypto currencies, keep the machines running to get monthly rewards.

So How does it work

Investor will buy master node token against ethereum and in return a contract will be signed confirming the percentage of their stake.

Masternode team will use the funds to buy other currencies which will be stake in group of servers assigned for staking that particular coin.

Every month, all the cryptos staked by their dedicated nodes will be converted to ethereum and distributed among investors as per their shares


  1. No Technical expertise required for setting up staking nodes.
  2. User dont have to invest in multiple cryptos
  3. Unlikely in other POS systems the distribution is done in their respective coins which always give advantage to big investors. Upon receiving their stake, investors mostly dump them all in the market which cause price deflation. Where as in master node the staking reward will always be in ethereum which will keep the masternode token price stable, in fact when new investors will join the staking network it will possibly increases the price





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